The tools of the sommelier trade

by  |  21-07-2015

I just received a box of some new and improved sommelier tools. While there aren’t as many tools crucial to the work of being a sommelier (beyond cramming a literal library of knowledge in to your head), there are a few that are quite important. Much like the bartender needs a proper shaker, mixing spoon, and shaker, there are core items needed in the service of beverages which are as follows. The Waiter’s Friend I’m not sure how this little type of corkscrew got its name as it should really be called, The Sommelier’s Eternal Lover because seriously, if you haven’t fallen asleep/passed out with one of these on your person, then you’re probably not a wine professional. I have a pile of them. Most wineries, bars, and probably high-end brothels seem to make a branded one these days and all with the crucial articulating arm that allows you to […]
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