Kuća Hrvatskih Vina seriously brings the wine

by  |  08-07-2011

Historically, there hasn’t been a tremendously good method to get one’s hands on any Croatian wine made in the country wherever you may be. If you were in Dubrovnik, you probably wouldn’t find the wines from Istria (at least the smaller production ones) and vice versa. This local solidarity is admirable on a certain level, but highly impractical, especially when even at a local level, it can be hard to find wines. We’ve driven upwards on 50km, just circling around trying to find various wineries throughout the country as it appears wine making induces an allergy to sign making. For all this and so, so much more, that’s why it’s great that Kuća Hrvatskih Vina (House of Croatian Wines) opened in November of 2008 (and as of 2013 either closed or with their website completely gone.) Located just outside of Zagreb at Zastavnice 13c in Hrvatski Leskovac, their selection is […]
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