In The Glass: Mlečnik Chardonnay 2008

mlecnikVipava Valley is full of fantastic wines. There is of course, Batič but at the Salone del Gusto 2014 in Turin, I encountered Klemen and his family wines of Mlečnik.

They’re working to make some very honest wines with a mix of local and French grapes. I only had the chance to taste two of them, but I came away impressed. They’re wonderful expressions of the region and they make their whites with prolonged skin contact which might lead some to assume that they’re “orange” wines which would be a misnomer. They’re simply great and I’ll have to make a stop through there the next time I’m in Western Slovenia.

Chardonnay 2008
From four days of fermentation with the skin comes aromas of lemon peel in the nose along with surprising black currant undertones. The body is solid with a serious backbone and a surprisingly fresh finish. An elaborate and intriguing wine for anyone to taste who thinks that Chardonnay can only be found in that insipid “buttery” manner with full malolactic fermentation.

100% Chardonnay 13% 18€