Partaking from the magnificent Mister Batič

by  |  19-06-2013

It’s hard to remember how many times exactly we’ve encountered Miha Batič and his wines around the world. Of absolute certainty, there was a tasting at Terroir in San Francisco and then at Zagreb Wine Gourmet 2012. There were undoubtedly other times tossed in, but it had finally reached a point where we needed to turn the tables and pay him a visit at his winery in Western Slovenia. So, on our way to Vinistra in Poreč, we stopped by the small village of Šempas near the west end of the Vipava Valley to finally see where the Batič magic happens. In case Šempas (a village of about 1,000 people) doesn’t set off the memory bells in terms of recognition, you’re not alone. Google Maps seems to have little idea where it is as well and following the initial directions from this almighty keeper of our knowledge had us nearly […]
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