Slovenia makes a lot of out a little

by  |  27-05-2011

Slovenia is a remarkable little country. With a population just over two million, a shape like a running chicken, and most every place within a 1.5 hour drive from the capital, Ljubljana, they do some pretty amazing things. For starters, they have excellent wines. To go with these wines, they also have great food. While generally influenced a great deal by Austrian cuisine, they also pay homage to their Roman heritage as well and they know the heavy importance of good sea salt. Found at our favorite little wine shop, Biondivino, Soline produces and exports a line of excellent sea salts from the Piran Bay. This bay happens to be part of the tiny 47km of Adriatic coast that Slovenia makes as much use of as possible. While many think that “salt is salt”, high-grade sea salt such as this does many a difference in meals. After all, as Soline […]
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