In The Glass – Cutio Garnacha 2014

by  |  29-02-2016

With great pride, I fully admit to buying wines from Lidl, the once very trashy supermarket chain. They often have wines that pique my curiosity and the prices are such that they’re impossible to beat. This has netted some winners in the past and is interesting enough to keep me going. This particular wine is from DO Cariñena which, despite having the same name as the grape, Cariñena (or the French “Carignan” we use in English) produces mostly Grenache which is what you see here. Of course it just barely squeaks in for varietal labeling given that Grenache is at 85% of the total blend. As an aside, this is more misleading in the US where your “Cabernet Sauvignon” from Napa Valley can have 25% of whatever in it and still be called as that grape on the label which is just weird. But this wine wasn’t the find that […]
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