In The Glass: Berdié Fetish NV

by  |  01-07-2015

During the presentation of Jovani & Vins the siblings Jovani were pouring their range of Berdié Cavas which I hadn’t tasted before but found out that I enjoy plenty. We had their rosé Cava called Amor, their Gran Reserva, and then finished with this bottle called, Fetish. The rosé was, well, a bubbly rosé. If that’s what you’re looking for it will definitely suit you well. For me the Gran Reserva was quite excellent but this Fetish stood out above the others. For all purposes, it is a sparkling red wine albeit most definitely not a dry Lambrusco. The name was derived as their wanting to find something that contrasted against Amor (Love) and came up with Fetish. I suppose they probably would have even preferred the name, ‘Sex’ but that would have been a bit on-the-nose. ‘Marriage’ or in Catalan, ‘Maridatge’ would to me have worked even better as […]
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