Trying to keep one’s composure ain’t easy these days and in no way should alcohol be turned to as a full-on escape from the troubles that surround us. Not only is this unhealthy but it’s also counterproductive. At the same time, for those who can put forth some self control (I salute whomever you may be), a glass or two in the evening might go a long way to helping to cope with an exceedingly abnormal situation and unwind after the never-ending flow of continuing bad news.

Of course, the question is, if one wants to get their hands on a bottle (or six) of wine, how does one go about that when most all aspects of life are on lock down? If statistics are to be believed, one of my biggest groups of visitors to this site, unsurprisingly here in Spain. On this front, I can help by giving a list of retailers and others who are still shipping wines these days. A number of distributors, who normally don’t compete with their clients, are shipping directly as well given that they have literally no other outlets to move wines and I’ve included them as well.

Note that while this is Spain-centric, a great many of these shops will send wines all over Europe.


A well-established online wine seller with very competitive pricing. Based in Barcelona, they have over 5,000 listings and are shipping not just throughout Spain, but all over Europe, with the exception of highly-impacted zones in Italy. Free shipping in Spain with a minimum of 18 bottles or 150€ per order. Otherwise, no minimum order.

Aguiló Vinateria

Being based in Priorat, they have one of if not the best selections of DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant wines. Currently they’re offering free shipping to anywhere in Spain with no minimum order.


If looking for something quite different than your normal tipple, or if you’re wanting to splash out on something more upscale to see you through these days, have a look at Caskadia. They’re a relatively new importer with a very select group of some high-end wines, including Napa and Burgundy, which you won’t find elsewhere. Free delivery in Barcelona for orders above 99€. Small fee for the rest of Spain. No minimum order.

Wine is Social

Started as something of a discovery wine service, they’ve evolved over the years to be a unique supplier of “packs” so if looking for something a bit different than what you normally drink, they’re a great option. They’re doing a number of virtual tastings by staff under the tag of “#winebernation”. Have a look at the website various offers during this period. No minimum order.


A shop local to the city of Tarragona, they’re offering free shipment to within the city and 5€ shipping to anywhere within the Tarragona Province. No minimum order.

Petit Celler

They’re offering free shipping on all orders currently to recipients in Catalunya. For the rest of Spain, consult the website. One of the best Sherry selections around so take advantage of that. No minimum order.


A smaller online shop, but with a broad selection of wines from all over Spain as well as a selection of foreign wines. No minimum order.

Wine Palace

A chain of shops along the coast of Catalunya, they specialize in local wines. It’s also worth perhaps writing to individual shops as they sometimes have clearance lots of random old vintages that are excellent wines. Shipping for a flat rate of 3€ to anywhere in Peninsular Spain with no minimum order.

Vins i Licors Grau

A well-established shop up in the Girona Province, they carry a wine range of wines from all over Catalunya as well as a healthy selection from Spain. Like Wine Palace, they sometimes have back vintages of wines that they pick up so really browse through their offer. They appear to only be shipping to Spain. No minimum order.


As they work as a consolidator of shipments, they have a massive catalog that they both stock as well as supply on behalf of others. Free shipping for orders of more than 200€. No minimum order.

Cuvée 3000

One of the main distributors in Catalunya, they sell directly with free shipping on orders of more than 200€. They will also ship to anywhere in Europe, free of charge when minimum purchases are met. Their orientation runs slightly more natural wine in scope, but they have a broad selection of just about anything.

Vila Viniteca

The largest distributor in Spain, their online shop has quite literally, everything, and the selection of Spanish wines is hard to beat. I’m unaware of what shipping conditions they’re currently observing, but the store is up and running with free delivery for orders of more than 100€, at least in Catalunya. No minimum order.


A large selection of everything, including spirits in case you want to get working on your bartending skills. Free shipping on orders of 150€ or more. No minimum order.

Monvínic Store

They’ve been importing wines directly for their restaurant/bar and so they opened a store for people to get at them directly. Admittedly not well set up for online ordering, but they offer up a selection that’s a good deal different than what others are offering. No minimum order.

Cellars & DOs

This is not the best of times for selling wine what with all restaurants, bars, and hotels closed. Thus, the more innovative of producers are doing everything they can to sell directly. I would highly suggest contacting any winery you can think of directly to see if they’re offering shipping of wines direct to consumers. If in need of reference as to what’s tasty these days, browse through the wine reports.

Also of note, DO Empordà (oft-forgotten as it’s located up against the French border) is running an “#EmpordaDesdeCasa” promotion for their cellars where they feature videos of wineries on their Instagram. They were the first of the DOs to see the merit and getting the word out about their wines as soon as quarantine went into effect.

They’ve now been joined by DO Penedès who has reduced various payments to the DO as well as working to promote their wineries.

And then there’s DO Costers del Segre who is running a promotion under the hastag, “#LaTevaLlarAmbCostersDelSegre” where if you post any wines from their region on Instagram, the have several gift sets they’ll be giving away to a lucky winner.

Long story short, support local wineries!

Berry Bros. & Rudd

As one of the United Kingdom’s oldest wine sellers, I don’t think they need much of an introduction but they stock a dizzying array of wines from all over the world. I checked and they will ship to Spain but costs vary depending upon the amount being ordered. I might add that if not feeling flush with cash, check out their own-brand labels which are great value. Not that orders are taking a bit longer to process than normal given that online sales for wine are through the roof.


6 responses to “How to get wine in Spain during the quarantine”

  1. David Forer says:

    Don’t forget Wine is Social! They are also offering special 6 packs if you work in health care or in restaurants, with extra discounts.

    • Miquel Hudin says:

      Ah yes, I knew there was one (and probably more) that I was forgetting. Fixed!

  2. Simon Heape says:

    Thanks for that. I used Decántalo to send some bottles to my son and his girlfriend bunkered in Logroño. A great selection and order & delivery was painless. The only pain being that, despite using VPN and setting my location as Spain & language Spanish, I was charged the higher prices as if I were taking delivery here in the UK. Damn cookies! :-D
    Ah well, at least they’ve now got some bottles to console them.

    • Miquel Hudin says:

      Could be that it detected the baked-in settings in browser? I keep a “clean” browser for these situations where I can delete cookies any time I need it. Glad to hear that you got them some wines though!

  3. DAVID SUES says:

    What about getting these great wines here in the USA?

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