A tasting in Croatia of Garnacha, Garnatxa, & Grenache

by  |  18-03-2017

We’ve arrived to a day and age wherein I don’t understand how someone can’t appreciate Grenache–if not love it. Sure, there are people who are going to only like white wines, or wines with a bit of residual sugar because they’re “smoother”, or then lighter alcohol reds like Pinot Noir, but Grenache, in our modern times has become a fine, classic grape. You don’t have to love it, but if you’re a wine lover, you should at least respect it. It wasn’t always so as historically it could be very rustic, high in alcohol, and as in-your-face as a used-car salesman in suburban California. I completely understand these long-held prejudices if that’s what has been your association with Grenache. But we’ve like, so totally moved beyond that and Grenache now comes in many shades and styles of the grape rainbow. I bring this up as I greatly enjoy fostering inter-vinous […]
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