Henry Fessy – Saint Amour 2013

I’d tell you that we should all really be drinking more of the Grand Crus from Beaujolais but that’d mean there would be less for me. That’s already happening though as many people have come around to the idea that Beaujolais is not simply the insipid Beaujolais Nouveau and in fact there are some serious wines being produced in the 10 Grand Crus. Remember, these are still wines made of Gamay, but if you were expecting a bubble gum jacuzzi tipple, these are most assuredly not it.

Personally, I gravitate more to the beefcake Crus of the region, namely Chénas, Juliénas, Moulin-à-Vent, and especially Morgon. Mmm, I love me some Morgon. But, diversity is the spice of life and thus I tried a bottle from Saint Amour which is generally thought to be in the mid-range in terms of body for the Cru wines.

Saint Amour is a decent-sized, although definitely not the biggest, Cru at 323ha so there’s a good deal of variance in the producers and this wine was overall representative of this particular sub-region with a lovely vineyard of 50 year-old bush vines. If you are to take it on price, then it represents an excellent value and makes for a tasty wine that is quite flexible in pairings and overall appeasement although I would say to search out newer vintages as I think this year is just starting to head into decline and the 2015 is going to give you more joy.

Henry Fessy – Saint Amour 2013
Light garnet with a pale garnet crest. Crisp strawberries with a crunchy underpinning of granite stoniness and charcoal. Red cherry notes as well, along with wild herbs, touch of pine sap and lemon pith. Moderate high acidity, moderate tannins and finish as well. Fleshy and juicy in the finish.

100% Gamay Beaujolais 12.5% 10€
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