Jean Foillard – Morgon “Côte du Py” 2015

by  |  30-04-2018

The story of Rosé’s rise to fame and wanton debauchery for the general public isn’t something I’ve found terribly surprising. Well-made Rosé is excellent and favoring the Provençal style gives everyone splitting a bottles something to love: overall lighter body, good acidity for food, and if based on Grenache, still a decent amount of structure for red wine lovers. That and the color is simply fun, much in the same way sparkling wines have become the definition of celebration. For anyone who has delved deeper into the wine world, I think the change that’s happened in Beaujolais is much more striking however. The producers in that region have gone from being seen as open tap for stringy, puffy-fruited, thin wines released just after harvest as Beaujolais Nouveau to seeing their regional wines, and especially their 12 Grand Crus getting readily more prized with each vintage. It must be remembered that […]
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