Google Places wine in San Francisco

by  |  28-09-2011

For those who may think that is a mafia controlling the flow of information for restaurants and bars while basically offering a “protection money” plan to skim out bad reviews (it is), Google Places has taken a large jump forward a couple of months ago to take Yelp on. They’ve launched specific cities and are expanding quickly. As such, their Google Places San Francisco is a huge, rolling ball of events currently that most anyone can get in on if they write reviews for the system. Naturally, we wanted in on this so we wrote reviews, and eventually went to a wine tasting run by The Right Blend. Founder, Clarisse Fourmeaux set up a series of three tastings at the Google offices in San Francisco, that focused on comparing Sauvignon Blanc vs. Chardonnay in one, Merlot vs. Pinot Noir in another, and Zinfandel vs. Cabernet Sauvignon in the last. […]
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