Getting a Taste of Croatia

by  |  02-05-2012

I think we’ve all heard that age-old bar joke: “What happens when you stick a translator, veterinarian, physicist, and an economist on a blog?” You haven’t heard that one? Obviously, you need to drink more bourbon at dirtier bars. Anyways, I’ll spoil the punchline for you which is: Taste of Croatia. If you haven’t heard of them yet, this four person core team of: Morana, Lada, Goran, and Marinela have, for some time now been covering the vast Croatian gastronomic scene. This is no small feat given that the geography of the country is diverse and when it comes to food and wine, there is a lot to take in from all the different influences that have crossed the borders. It began by putting out updates to their very popular Facebook page. Then, they started up the website and app (for Android & Apple iOS) at the same time, putting […]
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