Crvik Winery in Dalmatia’s Konavle

by  |  16-01-2012

South of Dubrovnik (and even south of Čilipi which visitors will know as it’s the airport for Dubrovnik) there is the Konavle region. It’s basically a large valley that opens up in the middle of the rough-hewn grey mountains of Sniježnica to the west and the Adriatic to the east. While awash in mountain streams and pleasant, stone homes, not a lot of tourists go there. But historically, it’s been a very important area for the region. During the times of Ragusa, it was the breadbasket for the Republic. What they didn’t trade for was grown right there and it set the foundation of an agricultural tradition that led right in to a strong viticultural tradition. Just a bit more than a stone’s throw from the Adriatic, sits Crvik Winery. This family winery near the small village of Komaji has a 100 year tradition, but because of having to desert […]
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