Looking on the beauty of Hvar

by  |  28-06-2011

Last week, the folks from Carić Winery posted a really nice picture on their Facebook wall of Svirče and the lavender growing wild around it. It was quite pleasing and made us want to go back through the photos from our last visit when we were researching the Hvar wines (which you can read about more in depth in our Dalmatia guide). Hvar gets a tremendous amount of good press for its inherent beauty and it’s definitely true that sipping on a glass of Plovac Mali (local dialect for Plavac Mali) while looking out from Hvar Town (above) is enchanting. It’s also great to wander the stone buildings of the old town, which you can see below. Often skipped is Jelsa (below), where we stayed during our trip. There are wineries there like Tomić’s Bastijana as well as smaller wineries. It’s an overall quieter town that many might prefer given […]
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