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Photo from DOC Prosecco

Five Proseccos to know right now

by  |  09-02-2024

The sparkling wines from Prosecco can often get a bad rap. The fact that it’s very easy to find them for 5€ and under doesn’t do terribly much to elevate the brand, admittedly. Of course…... more »

Six Reserva wines to know from DOC Rioja

by  |  17-01-2024

For me, the Reserva category is one of the more curious components to the wines of DOC Rioja. I was in fact so curious about that I dedicated a good deal of my 2023 Rioja... more »

Five wines to know from Vinos de Madrid

by  |  04-10-2023

As was stated in the main report earlier this year, there’s a great deal to love these days in DO Vinos de Madrid. It’s ironic given that it was a flash point just over a... more »

Eight Godello wines from Bierzo to know right now

by  |  07-08-2023

Over seven years ago, I wrote about Godello and said that “it’s at a crossroads in terms of its definition”. The reason behind that statement is that if one tries to whittle down an exact... more »

Six wines to know from Terrasses du Larzac

by  |  26-06-2023

As I’d said in the report earlier this year, I’d been wanting to do a large tasting of the wines from the Terrasses du Larzac AOC in Languedoc, France for some time. Next year will... more »

Six wines from Mallorca to know right now

by  |  15-05-2023

So we arrive to the middle of May and undoubtedly there are people out there making summer travel plans which might very well include Spain. And of those heading to Spain, perhaps the island of... more »

Five white wines from Châteauneuf-du-Pape to know right now

by  |  21-09-2022

Who would opt for a Pinot Noir from Coteaux Champenois instead of a zippy, bubbling Champagne? Are there any people who even know that Syrah from Rueda instead of Verdejo is an option? Or maybe... more »

Eight wines from Montsant to know right now

by  |  12-08-2022

I’ve been working on the review for the latest edition of a well-known, 700-page wine reference. About midway through, I had to pause for a bit when I came across this mention of DO Montsant,... more »

Five wines from Penedès to know right now

by  |  30-06-2022

Following is a curated selection of wines derived from the most-recent DO Penedès report. I’d hate to refer to them as “picks for the summer” but admittedly, four out of the five wines are whites... more »

10 Roussillon red wines to know right now

by  |  23-11-2021

While my 2021 Roussillon report came out a few weeks ago, I’m sure there are many people still confronted with a bit of a “wha?” reaction when digging into the region. With some 450+ wineries... more »