The new Instagram wine scam

by  |  26-04-2021

I’ve noticed a new scam sweeping across Instagram lately and for some reason, it appears to be very focused on the wine community. No, it’s not the whole “influencers” debate, but an actual, old school... more »
Photo derived from work by Alfons Morales

With wine information, you get what you pay for

by  |  05-03-2021 ~ 6 Comments

A little while back on a wine professionals online forum I often interact with, someone asked a great question about where to get information for studying up on the region of Jura as she was... more »

The definitive wine guide for Valentine’s Day

by  |  12-02-2021

Hot on the tails of the Definitive Wine Guide for Thanksgiving and the Definitive Wine Guide for Christmas, it’s high time to take on yet another holiday–the most famous one in mid-February. Did you feel... more »
Going your own way means a lot more paperwork

Revisiting the disclosure issue in wine writing

by  |  20-01-2021 ~ 8 Comments

The assault on journalism never stops. Just within the last week I've seen two grave ethical violations of purported "journalism" in wine, and these are but the latest examples... One was an article about Georgian... more »

Wine Instagram 2020, a window into drinking widely

by  |  04-01-2021

“Well, it tastes good to me…” I don’t know who I’m borrowing this from as others have said it prior to me in that if you want to learn about wine, drink a different wine,... more »

The Great Gazpacho Tasting 2020

by  |  10-08-2020

There are but two things which will unite any person holding a Spanish passport: an utter hatred of politicians and a complete love of gazpacho. For those who might not know it, gazpacho is a... more »

Don’t come around here no more

by  |  04-06-2020 ~ 4 Comments

It was amazing to see so much work put into such a campaign in Priorat. It was after all shared widely across social media. Our village notice systems were constantly broadcasting it as well. Even... more »

A drop of natural water

by  |  07-01-2020

One may look far and wide, but the casal of any Catalan village is a four-walled testament to the religion of concrete that dominated Spanish construction in the later 20th century. It does only as... more »

Yes, #WineToo

by  |  11-11-2019 ~ 4 Comments

By now, most everyone has heard the unfortunate news about sommelier, Anthony Cailan and his reported sexual assault of various women that have both been his subordinates as well other women he's been in contact... more »

The curious business of drinking wine in Britain

by  |  25-10-2019

While the dinner was a pop-up, the location was anything but clandestine being set at Mortimer House in London. The food wasn't secret, radical, or some weird fusion thing served off the back of an... more »