Catalan Wines

Rooster Balls and Catalan grapes unknown

by  |  13-09-2012

Last week, when dropping off copies of our Empordà guide, we stopped in at Mas Molla in Calonge (Baix Empordà). As things go, we got talking with the current family winemaker, Montse Molla about local... more »

Tasting Moritz’s upcoming “Bar-à-Vins”

by  |  22-08-2012

If you’ve been to Barcelona, you’ve probably encountered two beers at any and all bars: Moritz and Estrella-Damm. It’s hard to say which one is more preferred, but people are generally happy drinking both as... more »

The Norton & Todd Kliman’s, “The Wild Vine”

by  |  10-05-2012

In between putting the finishing touches on our Empordà wine guide, I somehow managed to finish this book by Todd Kliman called, The Wild Vine. It tells the story about the Norton, which is basically... more »

Restoring Inglenook

by  |  30-04-2012

In what has become something of a rarity, the San Francisco Chronicle published a very lengthy, in depth, and well-written article about Francis Ford Coppola’s restoration of the Inglenook winery. While I’ve always liked Jon... more »

Take a dip in 1986 Yugoslavia

by  |  06-10-2011

From the pretty much always awesome, Yugoslavia – Virtual Museum comes mention of a 25 year-old travel documentary shot in what was then, Yugoslavia. It’s an amusing half hour watch if for no other reason... more »

Blood into Wine

by  |  05-09-2011

When in Cape Town last year, checking out the Stellenbosch vineyards, I bumped in to this guy who wasn't in to wine that much, but was in to the band, Tool. He said that if... more »

The Dingač

by  |  15-08-2011

There’s been a flurry of activity lately in regards to Croatian wines and more specifically, the Croatian wine growing region of Dingač. This is typical for this summer holiday time of year as people head... more »

Muscatel never sounded so bad

by  |  04-07-2011

Muscatel is one of those wines that I love in sweet form, especially the Catalan Moscatell. Pictured at the right is a lovely example from Celler Martin Faixó in Cadaqués, Empordà. It’s a light, sweet,... more »

Jelsa and 19th century wine from Hvar

by  |  01-07-2011

This Plavac Mali post on Go Hvar was nice reminder about the history of the wine on Hvar, which author Mara is currently exploring. Another interesting item in regards to Hvar wine history is the... more »