Californian Wines
Photo by Recaredo

Bringing the restaurant to the winery

by  |  28-09-2020

What’s a winery? When you arrive to Napa Valley for the first time, don’t be shocked that no winery has a restaurant at it. Why? Surely, there’s a great synergy to be found in having... more »

In The Glass: Jack Winery – Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

by  |  24-08-2020

My last trip to Napa Valley was for a wine writing symposium which meant staying in the valley for an entire week. For someone from San Francisco used to day trips up there, it was... more »

A book review of “Women Winemakers: Personal Odysseys”

by  |  14-05-2020

We’re at a point in time, where anyone who pulls out the “Some women in wine!” listicle on International Women’s Day needs to be shamed. Actually I take that back, they need to be pilloried... more »

Playing the game of Three-Cab Monte

by  |  14-02-2020

I was leading a tasting recently and out of random curiosity, one of the clients asked, “By the way, what Cabernet Sauvignons can you recommend?” I wasn’t really expecting that as we were tasting through... more »

The sale of Stony Hill, a unique corner of Napa Valley

by  |  30-08-2018

Sales of wineries are the jet fuel for the wine news that let’s them drop their news bombs and if there’s one specific type of sale more fuel-y than others, it’s a small winery in... more »

Continuum: How the Mondavis pressed on

by  |  14-05-2018

One of the grandest of sagas that took place in Napa Valley during the 20th century was the split between the original Mondavi brothers of Robert and Peter. Many a wine drinker will know the... more »

Premiere Napa Valley 2018

by  |  01-03-2018

February 24th marked the 21st annual Premiere Napa Valley auction. Following somewhat in the mold of Burgundy’s famous Hospice de Beaune, it’s a wine trade event that auctions off selected bottles or barrel lots donated... more »

A Judgment of Paris-y kind of tasting

by  |  26-02-2018

The “Judgment of Paris” is one of those things that anyone the least bit tinged with wine will most likely never let go of. Big events in wine are often only big to wine people,... more »

Dr. Carole Meredith, on social media and how to sell a little wine in a big market

by  |  23-10-2017

When Dr. Carole Meredith was interviewed for the documentary, "SOMM: Into the Bottle" she shot off a one liner about the wine industry, "Can there be any other business where there's so much bullshit?" It... more »

In The Glass: Marimar Estate – Don Miguel Vineyard 2012

by  |  30-08-2017

Marimar Estate is a Torres family venture that’s run my namesake, Marimar Torres in the gilded wine lands of California. Started in 1986, she’s built a solid winery business in the Sonoma Valley with wines... more »