The sale of Stony Hill, a unique corner of Napa Valley

by  |  30-08-2018

Sales of wineries are the jet fuel for the wine news that let’s them drop their news bombs and if there’s one specific type of sale more fuel-y than others, it’s a small winery in a famous region being sold. It’s for this that the last two days, the wine news echo chamber has been vibrating with a fevered pitch about Stony Hill in Napa Valley was sold to Long Meadow Ranch. Sadly, such transactions aren’t much of a shock. Duckhorn, Schrader, and Heitz have all sold recently and the sales have been generally viewed with a skeptical eye as it’s quite obvious they’re just for investment and in the case of TSG Consumer Partners, the private equity firm who bought Duckhorn, probably to “flip” at a later date. These are private companies so they’re free to do what they want and I can’t blame owners in Napa or Burgundy […]
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