Alta Alella’s Parvus

by  |  13-06-2017

I’ve been a fan of what Alta Alella has been doing for some time. In case you don’t believe me, have a look. To a large extent, they’ve been striving a great deal to drive the overall brand of DO Alella (a peculiar little DO a scant 20 minutes north of Barcelona) as in reality, there isn’t another producer from their region that I usually find as worthy to cite. This is why this batch of samples I received was a bit of a mystery. The promo materials loosely pitched them as “wines of their young vines” to which I’d say that definitely rings true. They’re overall rather simple wines and given that two of them are from 2016 (what is appearing to be a stellar year), I would have expected a bit more. The fact that they’re all Frenchy grapes probably isn’t helping either, although I did enjoy the […]
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