Alta Alella’s Parvus

I’ve been a fan of what Alta Alella has been doing for some time. In case you don’t believe me, have a look. To a large extent, they’ve been striving a great deal to drive the overall brand of DO Alella (a peculiar little DO a scant 20 minutes north of Barcelona) as in reality, there isn’t another producer from their region that I usually find as worthy to cite.

This is why this batch of samples I received was a bit of a mystery. The promo materials loosely pitched them as “wines of their young vines” to which I’d say that definitely rings true. They’re overall rather simple wines and given that two of them are from 2016 (what is appearing to be a stellar year), I would have expected a bit more. The fact that they’re all Frenchy grapes probably isn’t helping either, although I did enjoy the Chardonnay a good deal, which is surprising given how much I general despite the variety south of the Pyrenees.

Well made and generally tasty, I’m left scrabbling around a bit to find the depth I’d come to depend on from Alta Alella, especially the Cava they produce as DO Cava. I suppose young grapes need to go somewhere, but I feel like there should maybe be a tighter selection or the wines should be a bit more economic, at least for the next vintage or two. Then again, maybe they’ll surprise us next year as they work with these vineyards more.

These bottles were provided as review samples by the winery

Parvus Chardonnay 2016
White peach, touch of pineapple and tropical fruits. Light honeysuckle notes. Mid weight on the palate with well-placed acidity and a medium finish.

100% Chardonnay 12.5% 9.50€
* Q

Parvus Rosé 2016
Ripe, rich young cherry, light mint and Mediterranean herbs. Generally simple aromatically. Mid intensity body, simple red fruit, bit dense overall with a rather blunt finish.

Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon 12.5% 9.50€

Parvus Syrah 2015
Dark cherry, touch of cinnamon and other spices from the barrel, bit of sage and wild herbs to it. Running alcoholic and volatile in the nose. Good dose of acidity and very bright in the mouth with a short finish that lets on some bite.

100% Syrah 13% 13€