Catalan wine pioneer takes on Gobal Warming

by  |  22-12-2011

The Wall Street Journal’s Will Lyons published a short, but great interview with Miguel A. Torres the president and managing director of Bodega Torres. For those who aren’t familiar with it, this a Catalan winery that is pretty much responsible for the current wine scene in Catalonia that eschews the gigantic bulk approach of Rioja in favor of more craft wines. Obviously with wineries on three continents and distribution to 140 countries in the world, Torres is not a small, craft winery anymore. But, they led the way that has seen the growth of 12 DO’s (official wine regions) in Catalonia which is now a booming business that was once just primarily targeted at German/Dutch tourists to indulge in. But, the past is the past and what’s most interesting is how Miguel looks to the future, especially in regards to Global Warming and how it is affecting wine grape production. […]
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