When the village goes dry

by  |  07-08-2019

On July 25th the village of Gratallops ran out of water. A village of 226 people, 23 wineries, three hotels, multiple holiday rentals, and seven restaurants/cafés had neither water to drink, nor to shower with, nor do much of anything. The taps and more importantly, the main water deposit, were completely dry. The fact this didn’t happen in the middle of harvest was a miracle given the quantity of water necessary to clean cellar equipment constantly. But, just because it happened at the end of July instead of September didn’t mean that day to day life was made any easier. The restaurants and hotels in the village had to close during the shortage and the temporary solution was for large tanker trucks to bring in water to fill the village deposit. While laborious and costly, it worked to buy time so that a fix in the supply line could be […]
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