Being in the wine

by  |  17-01-2015

You know how January can be, you’re tired of your old place and so you close up shop at the end of December and start up somewhere else at the beginning of the year. It’s a common story for those of us who rent a house, but sometimes also for businesses as one of the small stories to slip by this month was that DO Tarragona moved their offices to Valls. They did this to be closer to the majority of cellars in the DO (no points deducted if they don’t immediately come to mind) and it’s a pretty sensible move given that winemakers are often having to stop by the office to pick up this or file that. It was a similar story to DOQ Priorat who were initially based in Reus which is way, way outside of the region but with much better communication to the outside world. […]
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