This is the end

by  |  30-11-2012

And so, as winter quickly sets in, two months of research draw to a close in DOQ Priorat. During this time we’ve been based in the village of Gratallops and have gotten to know the region quite well. What a wild ride this has been. In five years of writing our enotourism guides this has been one of the most dynamic and fascinating regions to date. If you had asked us six months ago if we were ever going to write a guide for Priorat, we would have said “not really” and then, we visited it. The natural beauty and history of Priorat is simply stunning. Of course, it didn’t hurt that we visited nearly 100 cellars and tasted who knows how many hundreds of fantastic wines. But, for a region with wines ranging from seven to seven hundred euros a bottle, there’s an amazing consistency in the character of […]
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