Tasting Clos Figueras

by  |  19-07-2012

On our first day while staying at Hostal Sport, we took a quick jaunt up to Clos Figueras which exemplifies most everything that’s good about Priorat. Honestly, prior to heading there, I was suspecting that I wouldn’t like it much and assumed that it would have points-driven wines that were bold, but not really showing much about the locale. I was basing this assumption on price as well as well, the points they’ve received. I was wrong. Summing up their history, owner Christopher Cannan is one of the people in Priorat who have been there a long time and his winery gets no end of accolades and attention. Rightly so as the wines are indeed excellent craft wines. Yes, they’re a bit pricey, but when you take in the very difficult to farm terraces of Priorat and the very, very low production of the winery, you can understand why. Also […]
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