A stay at Hostal Sport in Falset

by  |  18-07-2012

The first thing to realize with Hostal Sport is that it’s not an inn (“hostal” in Spanish) and not a place for “sport” but rather a fantastic four star hotel and restaurant in the Priorat region. The name comes from a time in the early 20th century when it was a smaller establishment where people traveling south would stop for a rest and something to eat. In those days it was believed that “sport” should be in the name of any cool bar, cafe or hotel in town, as the current member of the family to run it, Marta Domènech told us. She had invited us up for a quick stay and a sample of the Priorat/Montsant wine offer last week. Naturally we took her up on it as we generally only know Priorat and Montsant through the bottles we’ve picked up in the wine shops of Barcelona. It all […]
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