The new take on Castell of Cooperativa Falset Marçà

by  |  26-08-2015

Sometime back I received this set of samples from the Cooperative of Falset Marçà in Priorat who fall under the auspices of DO Montsant. For those unfamiliar with the cooperatives of the county of Priorat, there is one within DOQ Priorat and six within DO Montsant. This one is in Falset and was originally formed in 1912 when the winegrowers of the early 20th century had good reason to band together as they were in effect extremely screwed. Phylloxera, various vineyard problems, WWI, and people just not really wanted to live in the rugged (and at the time) disconnected county of Priorat made it hard to farm the region. Thus they pooled their resources together to make wine. This is a common story throughout all of Europe and it was typically the case that the cooperatives made bulk wines with little character but it sold and people were ultimately able […]
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