All above Espelt

by  |  29-02-2012

Producing 1.5 million liters of wine a year from 250 hectares, there is little that is small about the family winery of Espelt. The last time we were there was about five years ago in 2007 when they were a good deal smaller. But, that year marked a number of big changes and expansion for them which including buying an old cooperative in the nearby village of Rabós as well as an old estate in the neighboring town of Roses called, Coll de Roses. These two vineyard additions brought in a significant amount of new grapes to their production. But more importantly, they gained decades-old vineyards with grapes grown on the mountain soils. These areas yield less grapes, but the grapes they provide are more robust and flavorful than in other areas due to their literal struggle to produce. While they’re blending most of them in to the current production, […]
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