We came across this quite wonderful excerpt from a soon-to-be-written book titles, Salt & Old Vines at Unbound, a rather new website that uses a novel way to produce well, novels.

…There are two types that I’ve come across: red comports and fucking bastard comports. Red comports are molded from a single piece of plastic, are watertight so that you don’t lose any juice, and have rounded handles that provide comfort to whoever has to lift it.

Fucking bastard comports are yellow, brown or grey. They’re prone to snapping in odd areas. There are plenty of holes for grape juice to piss out all over the poor bugger dumping its contents into the press or de-stemmer. Their handles are squared, ensuring that they cut deep into the hands when carrying any weight over 2 or 3 kilos. I’m quite sure that fucking bastard comports were designed by a vengeful teetotaller whose heart was broken by someone unloading grapes off the back of a lorry.

You should read the whole piece as it’s quite lively, talks about the Roussillon/Catalunya Nord area of France that gets little press generally, and is full of a keen Britishy wit by the author, Richard W H Bray. We’ll be first in line to buy the book whenever it comes to press.


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