Riberach wine hotel, Roussillon

by  |  25-01-2016

To know the land of Roussillon is not to drive briefly through it, deftly avoiding Perpignan via the A9 highway either heading to adventures more northern in France or more southern in Spain. The real Roussillon lies inland, winding in to the various valleys that stretch back from the sea such as where Vingrau, Maury, & Bélesta call home. This village of Bélesta sits just past the striking Les Orgues d’Ille-sur-Têt and is perched up among some of the higher elevation parts of the region. When you first see it, you know you’ve arrived. Lovely in that way which has a glimmer of Catalan heritage while at the same time drifting deeper in to the Midi. It’s here that you find, Domaine Riberach. This old winemaking cooperative sits dominantly in the village and was built in two stages in 1925 and 1931. Recent years haven’t been kind to this region […]
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