A review of “Natural Resistance”

by  |  10-11-2014

At the press screening night for the Most Festival, I had the chance to see “Natural Resistance” at the Filmoteca in Barcelona. I was very excited to see the screening as Jonathan Nossiter’s previous documentary on the wine world, “Mondovino” was released a decade ago. A seminal film, it took him five years to shoot and tore open the sordid commercialism of wine and I posit that this film, along with a medley of other writers and opinion makers is responsible for the large sea of change we’re starting to witness in the wine world in regards to trying to take the “industry” out of something that has been with us as long as taxation and prostitution. So it was with great excitement that I went in to see this film last week as love or hate the “natural” wine movement, it’s pointing a way to the future and the […]
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