Your local wine shop will not be closing

by  |  19-08-2011

Today we got word of a classic slippery slope piece via Fermentation about how New Jersey wine shops and wineries will be forced out of business. It’s pretty typical of this type of thing in which the author decries the loss of 60,000 jobs in New Jersey if people are allowed to have their wine directly delivered to them along with having a greater ease in choosing the wines they want to drink from the greater US. The premise is laughable and it’s quite sad that it’s written by Joseph Cryan, the Majority Leader of the New Jersey General Assembly. It’s probably the case (as it is in all the states that are still trying to stop direct wine shipments) that they are trying to protect their New Jersey wine industry and tourism (yes, that is a monster truck rally on the photo slideshow of their tourism website). I can […]
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