Why wine service matters

by  |  27-09-2019

I’ve been to a restaurant in Sant Gregori, Girona for several extended family meals on various days for these simple reasons: the food is quite good (see above), it’s not far-flung from civilization, and the interior is well-appointed. What ends up tossing it all into the waste bin is the service overall, but especially when it comes to the wine which all came to a head in a recent visit although a great wealth of this can be extracted to many restaurants in Spain. It starts with the wine list. Of the 47 options for reds, 24, or just over half were from outside Catalunya with a massive emphasis on DO Ribera del Duero followed by DOC Rioja. There has been massive work to try and rectify this (known locally as Riojitis) given that Catalunya is actually the third-largest producer of wine in Spain so there is little reason to […]
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