Vinyes d’en Gabriel – Mans de Samsó 2013

by  |  12-05-2016

It takes visiting large production regions such as Rioja or Napa where they tout a wine as “small production” at 5,000 bottles to really appreciate the all-too typical story in both DOQ Priorat & DO Montsant where “small production” means a measly couple of hundred bottles. Such is the case with Mans de Samsó by Vinyes d’en Gabriel. This wine is made from an old, 115 year-old vineyard in the village of Darmós, which is in this small section of DO Montsant that sits just outside Priorat and in the neighboring county of Ribera d’Ebre. My understanding of the story, as told to me by winemaker Josep Maria Anguera is that this old, barely-producing vineyard of Carignan was one that his family wanted to rip out. The cooperatives used to make no distinction between old and young grapes years ago and paid the same. Given that doing the same amount […]
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