There is no shortage

by  |  21-12-2013

Anyone who follows the world of wine in the slightest most likely heard about the supposed “global wine shortage” that was soon to befall us. If you haven’t read the article (or the subsequent rehashes of it), dial back your social media clock to October and take a quick scan because it made the rounds in a big way. And, why shouldn’t it? A lack of wine is a scary thing indeed for oenophiles. It just happens to be the case that this report was to a large degree, bullshit. If you’re like me (albeit possible without the large head that hits low hanging structures), then most likely you’ve visited a few cellars. If you’ve taken the smallest glance around while the winemaker was going over, in finite detail how the bottling machine works you will have noticed most cellars have a lot of bottle inventory. Yes, part of that […]
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