Roseatis & the shark looming on Rosé’s horizon

by  |  03-06-2017

A few days ago, I received the press announcement for a new store dedicated solely to Rosé wine called, Roseatis. A Catalonia-based website that’s just in Spanish, I find the name horrible given that it immediately makes me think of the skin condition, rosacea or possible some form of tropical disease for which there is no cure, just a long, drawn-out death. But beyond the name, it’s seemingly weird to me to have an online shop dedicated to one single type of wine that’s not even regionally defined. Maybe I’m wrong and there are websites like or, but in doing a half-assed search just now, I didn’t immediately stumble across any. In general, if you look for specific types of wines such as sparkling wines or Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines, they’re always part of a larger site that’s for this thing called, “wine”. It’s one of the reasons that […]
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