The “Vinski Puti” of Vis

by  |  08-10-2011

Vis Island has had a storied military history that ultimately led to a great deal of isolation. In WWII, it was the staging ground for British troops as well as the hideout for Tito and the Partisans. After the war, it became a very important naval base for the newly-founded Yugoslavia, and it was at this point where access to the island became extremely limited. Following the breakup of Yugoslavia, Croatia decided not to use the island for a naval base and the travel restrictions were lifted in 1989. With this, regular ferry service started and all those who wanted to, began to visit the island and tourism has slowly started to develop over the years. This isolation had a heavy impact on all facets of life for those who live on Vis. In regards to wine, it severely stunted the growth of the industry, as the main source of […]
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