The second Priorat Marathon!

by  |  03-10-2015

For those who enjoy running and wine, the second annual, Marató del Priorat is today! This year has seen 25% more runners take on the challenge of running around the rugged territory for a total of 500 participants. While that’s not Barcelona Marathon numbers, it’s quite sizable for a marathon that passes through the scenic, terraced vineyards of Priorat. We watched it last year when the runners passed through Porrera. We happened to be harvesting a friend’s vineyard at the time and it was a great deal of fun to cheer everyone on. Other friends were manning the “refreshment” stations which included wine for those interested–it’s not your typical marathon. This year there won’t be as many people to cheer on from the vineyards nor as many grapes on the vines as the harvest came 1-2 weeks earlier for most of the viticulturists. Also with quite crappy weather forecasted most […]
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