Tast del Decenni of 2007 in 2017

by  |  11-05-2017

What is now my fourth sojourn into the world of Priorat wine with a decade to its name, I attended the Tast del Decenni or “Decade Tasting” last week. You can read the notes of 2004 and 2005 if you like but in brief, each year a group gathers to taste the wines from 10 years previous. It provides an excellent window to how the wines in both DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant age and the previous tastings were quite informative. If you’d like to just jump to the meat, go to the 2007 DOQ Priorat tasting or the 2007 DO Montsant tasting. Last year saw one of the biggest changes to the format as Priorat and Montsant were each given their own day. To date, this hadn’t been much of an issue as Montsant wines were only starting to be labeled as such in 2003. With each approaching year, […]
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