A wine run: The first Priorat marathon

by  |  14-04-2014

There will indeed be grunting, cursing, and probably very little drinking as the runners in the first Priorat Marathon make their way from Falset over to the village of Porrera on October 4th. Then, after following the river for a bit, they’ll “enjoy” the hill that leads up in to Torroja. Then… well, you get the idea. This marathon is going to be quite gorgeous in the middle of Fall, but it’s going to be brutal for the runners involved. Some of these sections I hate taking in a car (such as Falset-Porrera, ugh) so I can’t even imagine how it will be to run them. And as much as running a marathon at some point in my life seems like a decent goal given that I jogged through Bay to Breakers I don’t see this being the one I choose to fulfill that dream. Based upon the Marathon du […]
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