Rally Catalunya and the damage to Priorat wines

by  |  09-11-2015

In the “When to Go” section of both the Priorat and Montsant books, I realize that there needs to be added a mention of not visiting Priorat during the Rally Catalunya. Well, that should be qualified by adding, “…if you happen to love race cars tearing around roads that twist and turn through ancient vineyards, this is your moment to do some wine tasting as well…” Basically, over a weekend at the end of October or beginning of November this race comes to the county of Priorat and essentially takes it over. I would assume for most people visiting Priorat, this isn’t what they’re looking for. It’s like going to Burgundy or Napa Valley to enjoy the landscape and some fine wine and instead of this you find dudes racing their rally cars all over the place nearly hitting you, the roads blocked, thousands of people who aren’t even really […]
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