The quietly fantastic wines of Martí Fabra

by  |  03-04-2012

When it comes to making wines for a long time, the Martí Fabra family has been doing it since the end of the 13th century; maybe even earlier. The date of their old family house is 1293 and that’s just when they know that their family cellar was established. The building is quite impressive as it’s built directly on to the bedrock below it and looks as if it could repel any attack from marauding wine pirates. They farm all of their vineyards organically, although they aren’t certified as such given the degree of paperwork required. They are helped a good deal by the Tramuntana wind which blows on their vineyards year round. Overall their wines are very honest to the grapes that comprise them and proudly boast the locale from which they come from as opposed to the barrel in which they’re aged. And this is the thing about […]
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