Terroir al Límit Terra de Cuques 2011

Photo by Vinologue

The Vitis Vinifera fair in Barcelona last week was an overwhelming assault of the top end portfolio from local distributor, Cuvée 3000 and was really too full of interesting wines to completely cover. But, one bottle from Terroir al Límit was on everyone’s taste list, which was their newly released Terra de Cuques. This is the second white wine from this Torroja winery, the first being the very highly regarded Pedra de Guix.

This bottle, which is reportedly mostly comprised of Pedro Ximenéz with a smaller portion of Muscat has a curious name which literally means, “bugs’ earth”. It’s curious not just for the direct translation, but also due to the soils in Priorat being extremely poor, slatey soils that wouldn’t seem as if they’d be terribly bug-prone.

Whatever the case, it seems that Dominik Huber has created another fine bottle. Some of the people we talked to had mixed reactions to it, but for us, it’s a solid, expressive white, especially when taken in the context of Priorat.

Terra de Cuques 2011 starts with a mix up of minerality and green apple elements in the nose, the latter of which initially come in to the palate. It’s immediately crisp and lively with acidity in the body as well. Overall, it’s very clean and fresh and leaves a great finish. Very versatile and approachable overall while still being a wonderfully tasty white from this region of reds. 13% 29€

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