A night of wines in Torroja del Priorat

by  |  27-08-2013

If there’s a sure way to lure people to the remote villages of Priorat, it’s to have an annual festival (or more than one) that features all the wines of a village in a festive atmosphere. One of such festivals happened last weekend in Torroja del Priorat during the night by the pool, “Nit de Vins” (which seriously needs a website instead of a Facebook friend profile…). But, regardless of this, it’s a fantastic time for anyone interested in tasting the wines of: Aixalà Alcait, Escoda Pallejà, Cristian Francès Breton, Ismael Biosca, L’Infernal, Llicorella Vins, Mayol, Rotllan Torra, Sabaté i Mur, and Terror al Límit. And this year, their featured guests were two cellars from DO Conca de Barberà: Carles Andreu and Vega Aixalà. They set it around what seems to be an Olympic-sized swimming pool that sits just outside the main part of the village with an amazing view […]
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