A tale of Two Drunks

by  |  11-12-2013

In our Priorat book 99.1% of the wines have full DOQ Priorat certification. For those unfamiliar with the strict Denomination of Origin standards, this means that the wines are made from grapes only within the region and vinified at a certified cellar that is located there as well. But, for that 0.8% that don’t have certification, they are still from grapes in the region and produced at a Priorat cellar, but for one reason or another, they don’t have the coveted certification. This brings us to the story of Dos Borratxos which in Catalan literally means, “two drunks”. It’s a small production wine created by Jordi Sabaté from his family vineyard in Torroja del Priorat. The first vintage of this wine had the almighty DOQ certification affixed to the back, just like his higher end and exquisite Vertical label. After this first year though, it was decided by the DOQ […]
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