Tasting what is yet to come at Vinyes dels Aspres

by  |  18-08-2012

Recently, we were up at Vinyes dels Aspres to drop off some copies of the Empordà guide and given the time of year, we found David Molas and his assistant down in the cellar bottling. For those who haven’t met David, he is fully and truly the embodiment of “ebullient”. Start chatting with him about his wines and he’ll happily and gregariously tell you everything you’d ever want to know. He’ll also happily have you taste them. While it was a hot day (which goes without saying in August) and we needed to make more rounds, there was no way we’d pass up on the chance to taste the newest Blanc dels Aspres and S’Alou. The Blanc, perfectly chilled as you can see above, is pretty much ready to drink right away. You might want to let it sit in the bottle a couple of weeks, but it has the […]
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