Talking about the Vinari Awards 2015

by  |  12-10-2015

For those outside of Catalonia, the Vinari Awards may not be that well-known but here in the region, they’ve become the top yearly awards in the wines and, as people are often wont to exaggerate are called the “Oscars of Catalan wine”. No idea as to how the Oscars™ feels about that. While invited, I was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict (essentially a late train at the end of a wine tour) and so I had to watch it from afar, receiving the list of the top winners over the weekend. Following are the top awards: Grand Gold Clos de Peguera – Vermell de Peguera 2013 Gold Young white wines Coma d’en Bonet – Prohom Blanc Ecològic 2014 White wines with barrel aging – Vinyes dels Aspres – Blanc dels Aspres 2013 Rosés Buil & Giné – Giné Rosat 2014 Young red wines Clos de Peguera – […]
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