The wines of DO Penedès 2022

by  |  09-05-2022

The DO Penedès has been on the move lately. The biggest news of course is their ten-year plan where they’ve set up a system under the Vi de Mas for vineyard classifications. Even more impressive... more »

In The Glass: Raventós i Blanc – Textures de Pedra 2016

by  |  27-11-2020

I’ve never been a tremendously big fan of blanc de noir Champagnes. Plop! goes the sound of each and every monocle in the room falling into every glass of Bollinger being sipped. But I feel... more »

The wines from Xarel·lo in Penedès 2020

by  |  20-04-2020

Workhorse. Backbone. Structured. Aromatic. Evolving. These are but a few words one can put forth when talking about the grape, Xarel·lo and they’re all true–even if some people might say them with a curled lip... more »

Sicus, when wine is made in the vineyard

by  |  12-07-2019

Driving forty five minutes covers a lot of ground in the wine world. It affords a 41km view of the entire Côte d’Or in Burgundy. Similarly, it will see you go from the top to... more »

Tasting four decades

by  |  21-01-2017

It’s a fun stunt to try and taste the decades of your life via bottles of wine. As one gets older, it becomes ever more difficult as the older wines get more scarce, somewhat giving... more »

Rebellious Penedès: “Unrated”

by  |  28-01-2016

This article originally ran on Harpers but, given space restrictions was nearly half of the original in length. Here I present it in its entirety. The concept of rebellion in wine typically conjures up images... more »

The inauguration of Celler de les Aus in DO Alella

by  |  25-06-2015

For some time, the people who haunt the “natural” wine circles have been people I wouldn’t care to be in an enclosed space with, even if said space where the size of a football field.... more »