A reflective tasting on DOQ Priorat’s 2010 vintage

by  |  29-03-2021

Every year in Priorat, there’s a small event called the, Tast del Decenni or, “decade tasting”. It’s an intimate affair in a very packed room that takes place during the annual Fira del Vi. The... more »

Pre-release tasting of Terroir al Límit 2018 & thoughts on 2020

by  |  04-12-2020

A few weeks ago, Terroir al Límit owner, Dominik Huber invited me up to his cellar in Torroja del Priorat for a tasting with him and head winemaker, Tatjana Pećerić. We tasted through the as-of-yet... more »

The wines of Terroir Sense Fronteres

by  |  12-12-2018

I’ve not been seen outside my tasting room much this year as it was one of those periods when I again took on all the wines of both DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant. The end... more »

Priorat kills it at Guia de Vins de Catalunya

by  |  24-11-2015

Yesterday was the annual presentation of the Guia de Vins de Catalunya. It’s an annual guide that reviews between 1,500 wines within the region of Catalonia. Of course they’re also allowing wines from Catalonia Nord... more »

The tastes of Priorat

by  |  04-06-2014

I’m often in the Catalan comarca of Priorat. A large part of the reason is due to the Priorat book, new Montsant book, or taking small groups of visitors around on the occasional wine tours.... more »

A night of wines in Torroja del Priorat

by  |  27-08-2013

If there’s a sure way to lure people to the remote villages of Priorat, it’s to have an annual festival (or more than one) that features all the wines of a village in a festive... more »

A BBQ in the vines of Arbossar

by  |  24-05-2013

The Fira del Vi in Falset is nothing if not a jam packed festival of wine showcasing all that’s good about DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant. That being the case (and the fact we presented... more »

Un món de vi/Un monde de vin

by  |  26-04-2013

The battle lines have long been drawn in regards to the whole “natural wine” debate. While we’ve written about the growing trendiness of natural wine in Catalonia, the issues around this were further emphasized in... more »

Terroir al Límit Terra de Cuques 2011

by  |  24-03-2013

The Vitis Vinifera fair in Barcelona last week was an overwhelming assault of the top end portfolio from local distributor, Cuvée 3000 and was really too full of interesting wines to completely cover. But, one... more »

The Torroja harvest tasting

by  |  02-11-2012

We were fortunate enough to be in Priorat during the fall harvest party (or festa de la verema) that was put on by Trio Infernal and Terroir al Límit this last week, in the small... more »